Most of the homeless people are no shelter

Problems Homeless People Face

A homeless persons makeshift shelter.

  • Problems Directly Related to The Absence of Shelter

    • Homeless people are faced with many difficulties and problems that they must deal with every single day. Some of these difficulties are less obvious, and some have a direct connection with the absence of shelter.

    • Security is a serious problem. Not only are are their lives insecure, but their belongings as well. Also because of this, they they generally have to carry everything they own with them.

    • They don't have any place to store food without it going bad.

    • Weather can become a serious concern. It can be difficult for a homeless person to find a place to keep warm.

    • It can be very difficult for homeless people to keep in contact with people they care about because they have no permanent address.

    • Homeless people are sometimes deprived of privacy, something that many people take for granted

Without a permanent place of residency, people are forced to take what they can get.

  • Everyday Problems Homeless people Face

    • Due to the lack of security, theft becomes a serious problem for the homeless. It is very difficult for homeless people to hold onto anything of value.

    • Homeless people are often the subject of violence, discrimination, and rejection. Many citizens may judge homeless people simply because of their social status.

    • With the absence of their own shelter, they often can't stay hygienically healthy and this can lead to serious health problems.


  • Homeless People vs. Society

    • Homeless people often have difficulties obtaining health care and dental services because of their predicaments.

    • Because of many universities' high tuition price tags, higher education is usually way beyond reach financially speaking. Although there are government funded programs to help the poor afford education, many homeless people don't have the credit history or proof of income necessary to be eligible for those programs.

    • Many homeless individuals have very poor credit history which makes financial involvement with banks very difficult.

    • Homeless people have a very hard time finding employment. Many employers are nervous to hire somebody who is homeless because of the stereotypes homeless people have and because of the associations that many people make with homeless people. This results in a bit of a vicious- circle: People can become homeless because they can't find jobs, and they can't find jobs because they are homeless.


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next time you look at a homeless person and judge, put yourself in their shoes.